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These Keto Sauce Recipes are the best way to add extra flavor and fat to your low-carb dishes. These low-carb sauce recipes are easy to make at home, and everyone will love you for them.  

Best Keto Sauces Recipes
These keto sauces are the best way to get extra fat into foods that are higher in protein than fat, for example, chicken and lean cuts of meat.

Most of these sauces are very easy to make and only require the mixing of ingredients together.

Best Keto Marina Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Marinara Sauce Recipe
Keto Marinara Sauce Recipe

Such a versatile and rich keto sauce recipe.

This low-carb marinara recipe makes the best sauce on our Keto Frypan Pizza, with ground beef or over-melted cheese.

Keto Gravy

Keto Gravy - sauce recipe
Keto Gravy Recipe

This easy Keto gravy recipe works great over vegetables for added fat and meat such as chicken, lamb, or beef.

Keto Tartare Sauce

keto tartare sauce recipe
Easy keto tartare sauce recipe

This Keto Tartare Sauce is tangy and creamy, the perfect condiment for our keto battered fish recipe or other seafood dishes such as our salt and pepper squid.

Creamy Swedish Meatball Sauce

The Best Keto Swedish Meatballs
 Swedish Meatballs with Creamy Sauce

What makes this dish, along with the tender meatballs, is the creamy sauce that you can use for a variety of meaty keto recipes.

Keto Cheese Sauce

best keto cheese sauce recipe
keto cheese sauce recipe

Another favorite amongst many is this cheese sauce.

There’s no need for flour or the like to thicken it. We use more cheese.

Keto Enchilada Sauce

Best Keto Enchilada Sauce Recipe
Best Keto Enchilada Sauce Recipe

Surprisingly this keto version of enchilada sauce is very high in fat.

Use this keto sauce to boost your fat content in high-protein dishes or over your greens.

Keto Hoisin Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Hoisin Sauce Recipe
Keto Hoisin Sauce Recipe

This keto sauce is made from readily available ingredients that are all low-carb.

So simple, yet with so much flavor.

Keto Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Mushroom Sauce recipe
Creamy Keto Mushroom Sauce

Hey steak lovers, you might think that the steak you are eating is keto, but more often than not, the protein-to-fat ratio is way off.

This mushroom keto sauce recipe is the perfect way to add more fat to your meat.

Keto Soy Sauce

Best Keto Soy Sauce Recipe
Sugar-free Sweet Soy Sauce Recipe

A staple for so many Keto Asian recipes, this sauce is made minus the carbs.

Make a batch and refrigerate to flavor cauliflower rice and more.

Keto Bearnaise Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Bearnaise Sauce Recipe
Keto Bearnaise Sauce Recipe

Another one of those high-fat keto sauces that’s perfect for steak lovers.

With eggs, butter, and seasoned with tarragon, it’s a hit.

Keto Russian Dressing

Best Keto Russian Dressing Recipe
Keto Russing Dressing Recipe

A tangy and creamy keto sauce, this is the base of our Reuben Bagel recipe.

Super easy to make and changes the whole dynamic of the food it’s put on.

Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe
Keto Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Not just for your keto spaghetti, this sauce is ideal in lettuce cups, a base for chili, or any other creation you can think of.

Make it in bulk and freeze it.


best chimichurri recipe
Authentic homemade chimichurri recipe

Another very flavorsome and healthy sauce, great for grilled meats or vegetables.

Depending on who you ask, it is an Argentinian and Uruguayan tradition.

Best Keto BBQ Sauce

Best Keto BBQ Sauce Recipe
Keto BBQ Sauce Recipe – No Sugar!

Traditional BBQ sauce is so high in sugar that a warning should be on the label.

But not ours. We use natural low-carb sweeteners in this keto sauce.

Keto Pepper Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Pepper Sauce Recipe
Keto Pepper Sauce Recipe

Yes, yet another keto steak sauce recipe.

We like variety, and pepper sauce gives you that. It provides a little punch and creaminess to your meat.

Keto Sweet & Sour Sauce

Best Keto Sweet and Sour Sauce
Keto Sweet and Sour Sauce

We developed this keto sauce for our Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe, and it works a treat.

Keto Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Best Homemade Keto Mayonnaise Recipe
Homemade Keto Mayonnaise Recipe

Whole egg mayo is a very healthy sauce with many uses in a keto kitchen.

Use it with eggs, chicken, and salads for extra fat content.

Keto Aioli Recipe

Best Keto Garlic Aioli recipe
Keto Garlic Aioli Recipe

A lot like our Keto Mayo but with lemon and roasted garlic added.

Perfect with roast chicken and broccoli.

Keto Mustard Sauce

Best Keto Mustard Sauce Recipe
Keto Mustard Sauce Recipe

Poured over cooked silverside, this keto mustard sauce will have you in mouth heaven.

One of my favorite sauces to add extra fat to roast meats.

Keto Chicken Sauce Recipe

Best Keto Feta Cheese Dipping Sauce
Keto Feta Cheese Dipping Sauce

Feta Cheese Dipping sauce is a sharp dip for your Keto Buffalo Wings recipe.

Be sure to make enough to share.

Keto Burger Sauce

Best Keto Burger Sauce Special Recipe
Keto Burger Sauce Special Recipe

We won’t mention the institution’s name, but this “special” keto burger sauce is your closest low-carb version.

You know the sauce!

Keto Guacamole

Best Keto Guacamole Recipe
Creamy Keto Guacamole Recipe

Avocados are “the” keto fruit, loaded with healthy fats and potassium.

Our keto guacamole has absolutely no sugar added, unlike many store-bought versions. Many contain maltodextrin, which is used as a preservative.

Keto Tapenade

Best Keto Tapenade Recipe
Keto Tapenade Recipe

This one is for the savory tooth.

A French dip that can be used as too add flavor to a variety of dishes.

Thai Style Meatball Dipping Sauce

Best Keto Thai Style Dipping Sauce
Keto Thai Style Dipping Sauce

This tangy and mildly spicy Thai-style diffing sauce goes fantastic with finger foods such as our meatball recipes or chicken wings.

Serve in little individual bowls as an aside.

21 Best Keto Sauce Recipes - Add Extra Flavor Without The Carbs
24 Best Keto Sauce Recipes – Add Extra Flavor Without The Carbs

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