About My Keto Kitchen

My Keto Kitchen is about creating delicious low-carb, sugar-free recipes to make the ketogenic diet enjoyable for everyone.

Our mission is to create delicious and nutritious LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) recipes for people wanting to improve their health. We aim to eliminate one of the factors that see people quitting their diets, “boredom and limited food choice”.

We take normal, every day, high carb dishes and make them low-carb sugar-free so that people on a keto diet can enjoy them too.

A New Way Of Eating

My Keto Kitchen began when Matt, was “surprisingly” diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high cholesterol back in 2012. In spite of appearing fit and healthy and following the recommended food pyramid dietary advice, with regular exercise.

With his partner Gerri, they began to research, coming to the conclusion after studying the advice of the world’s top scientists in diet and nutrition (Tim Noakes, Stephen Phinney, and Jeff Volek) that the food pyramid was in fact upside down and what they previously thought about diet and nutrition was wrong.

A Qualified Chef At My Keto Kitchen

Gerri, a qualified Chef, who has worked in some of the trendiest restaurants in Sydney and Eastern Australia started turning delicious meals and desserts into LCHF ketogenic delights after adapting to a ketogenic way of eating herself.

Gerri had struggled with her weight for years and had tried dieting, personal training with grueling exercise programs, and had even spent hundreds of dollars to see a highly recommended Sports Nutritionist (without seeing more than a 5kg/10lb change on the scales). After adapting to keto Gerri has lost a whopping 32kgs or 70lbs.

People Cottoned on and Wanted More

Serving up some of her recipes and announcing (after everyone had devoured them) that they were, in fact, sugar-free and low-carb was a surprise to our friends and families. Gerri began simplifying the recipes and writing them down for our friends and family to create in their own homes.

It was then that the idea of My Keto Kitchen came about. Instead of emailing and writing the recipes down Gerri and Matt decided to post them online for everyone to easily access.

The site has grown in content and popularity and the plans for the future are to continue developing and cooking great tasting recipes that anybody can make at home.