27 Easy Keto Sauce Recipe Ideas


The best way to turn keto dishes into delicious and flavorsome creations is with tasty keto sauce. Not only do they add flavor, but keto sauces can improve the fat content in your favorite ingredients. Below is a list of our favorite recipes.

Keto Pizza Sauce

Keto pizza sauce in a saucepan.
Delicious keto pizza sauce recipe.

What makes this keto pizza sauce recipe great for keto recipes is that we make it from scratch by using natural sweeteners instead of sugar. It’s a no added sugar marinara sauce.

Keto BBQ Sauce

Keto BBQ sauce over chicken on a white plate with coleslaw.
Keto BBQ sauce.

This sweet and tangy keto BBQ sauce recipe is a welcome low-carb addition to meat dishes. Use it as a sauce, marinade, or baste for steak, sticky pork belly bites, and ribs.

Keto Cheese Sauce

Keto cheese sauce in a saucepan.
Keto cheese sauce.

With just four ingredients, this keto cheese sauce is a very easy low-carb white sauce with just 1g net carbs, great over steak, vegetables, or chicken.

Keto Spaghetti Sauce

Keto spaghetti sauce poured over zucchini noodles.
Keto spaghetti sauce.

This keto spaghetti meat sauce recipe is rich, thick, and very tasty. We go easy on tomato and restrict it to puree while bringing the flavors with other delicious ingredients to keep the spaghetti sauce low-carb with just 3g net carbs per serve.

Keto Alfredo Sauce

Easy Keto Alfredo Sauce Recipe
Easy keto alfredo sauce recipe.

This creamy keto alfredo sauce recipe is very low-carb, with garlic, parmesan cheese, and a hint of nutmeg. Perfect with carb-free noodles or grilled chicken.

Keto Chocolate Sauce

keto chocolate sauce recipe
Keto chocolate sauce.

This keto chocolate sauce recipe is rich, thick, and delicious, perfect for topping ice cream and low-carb desserts. It’s sweet while remaining sugar-free.

Keto Tartar Sauce

Keto tartar sauce in a serving bowl.
Keto tartar sauce.

This keto tartar sauce recipe is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to the pickles, it’s a fresh, zesty, and creamy low-carb sauce with a little crunch. This tartare sauce goes great with our keto battered fish recipe.

Keto Caramel Sauce

Keto caramel sauce.
Keto caramel sauce.

With just 1g of Carbs, this delicious keto caramel sauce is rich, thick, and sugar-free! It’s perfect for pouring over keto ice cream or drizzling over a keto vanilla latte.

Keto Gravy

Keto gravy being poured over cauliflower mash.
Keto gravy.

This delicious keto beef gravy recipe is super easy to make, a rich, buttery gravy that goes perfectly with cauliflower mash, vegetables, and meat.

Keto Enchilada Sauce

Keto Enchilada Sauce being poured from a saucepan into a glass jar
Keto enchilada sauce.

This low-carb enchilada sauce is far higher in fat than supermarket sauces, perfect as an ingredient for keto dishes, and much tastier.

Keto Mushroom Sauce

Keto mushroom sauce.
Keto mushroom sauce.

You’ll want to put this creamy keto mushroom sauce on just about everything! It’s rich and perfect, poured over a thick grilled rib-eye steak.

Keto Garlic Sauce

Keto garlic sauce in a mason jar.
Creamy keto garlic sauce.

This delicious keto garlic sauce recipe is a low-carb and sugar-free condiment that goes great with meat of all types.

Keto Teriyaki Sauce

Keto teriyaki sauce over chicken thighs with a sppon.
Keto Teriyaki sauce.

This keto teriyaki sauce recipe is life-changing for lovers of Japanese food who want to stay low-carb. It’s sweet, salty, and garlicky – perfect over chicken or beef with zero net carbs.

Keto Soy Sauce

Sugar-free Sweet Soy Sauce Recipe. This simple recipe is the keto equivalent of kecap manis! We've kept it gluten free too.
Sugar-free soy sauce.

Our love of Asian-influenced meals has led to a search for a keto-friendly kecap manis. Finding no recipes, this sugar-free sweet soy sauce was created, and many more inspired dishes will follow!

Sugar-Free Sweet Chili Sauce

Sugar-Free Sweet Chili Sauce - easy keto condiment recipe
Sugar-free sweet chili sauce.

This sugar-free sweet chili sauce is quick and easy to throw together and will level up your condiment game instantly!

Keto Bearnaise Sauce

Keto Bearnaise Sauce
Keto bearnaise sauce.

This tasty keto bearnaise sauce is perfect for adding extra fat and low-carb flavor to steak; it’s very easy to make at home and delicious.

Keto Russian Dressing

Keto Russian Dressing
Keto Russing dressing.

This keto Russian dressing recipe is a key ingredient in our Keto Reuben bagel. This spicy, tangy dressing is a great condiment recipe to have on hand, as it’s free from sugar and nasty fillers.

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe Authentic
Chimichurri Sauce Recipe Authentic

This is a homemade recipe for authentic chimichurri sauce made the Argentinian and Uruguayan ways.

Keto Pepper Sauce

Keto pepper sauce in a saucepan with a wooden spoon.
Keto pepper sauce.

This delicious and creamy keto pepper sauce is an ideal condiment to serve with grilled steak, chicken, and vegetables. The combination of 3 types of peppercorn makes this sauce rich and flavorsome.

Keto Sweet and Sour Sauce

Keto Sweet and Sour Sauce
Keto sweet and sour sauce.

Our keto sweet and sour sauce is a quick and delicious sauce recipe that can be added to stir-fries or chilled and used as a dipping sauce.

Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Spoon full of keto mayonnaise form a mason jar.
The best keto mayonnaise recipe.

This homemade keto mayonnaise recipe is a whole egg version that’s low-carb and gluten-free. Perfect with meat dishes and as a base for other low-carb sauces.

Keto Garlic Mayonnaise – Aioli

Keto Garlic Aioli recipe homemade
Keto garlic aioli.

Our creamy roasted garlic keto aioli recipe is a delicious homemade accompaniment to just about any meal. It’s a dip, a spread, and a sauce all in one!

Keto Mustard Sauce

Corned beef with mustard sauces poured over it.
Homemade corned beef with mustard sauce.

Who doesn’t love corned beef? This recipe is made with a delcious keto mustard sauce to add fat and make it keto. A delicious low-carb dinner or hot lunch

Thai Dipping Sauce

Keto Thai Chicken Meatballs dipped into the thai dipping sauce
Keto Thai chicken meatballs and dipping sauce.

These keto chicken meatballs made with a Thai style with low-carb dipping sauce are very easy to make and are a great meal, snack, or finger food.

Keto Burger Sauce

keto burger sauce on a beef patty with cheese over a lettuce bed.
Keto burger sauce.

This keto burger sauce recipe was inspired by the Big Mac special sauce hacks that we found online. We decided to make the Burger Sauce low-carb and keto-friendly.

Keto Guacamole

Keto Guacamole Recipe
Creamy keto guacamole recipe.

This keto guacamole recipe (no sugar added) is the perfect way to get fiber and potassium into your diet. Unfortunately, many store-bought guacamoles have sugar added.

Avocado Sauce

Keto Pasta Zoodles with Avocado Sauce
Keto pasta zoodles with avocado sauce.

This easy keto zucchini zoodles recipe with creamy avocado sauce makes a great low-carb lunch, dinner, or side dish, and it’s very low in calories with healthy fats and minerals.

Five images of keto sauces. Pizza sauce, burger sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and cheese sauce.
27 keto sauce recipe ideas.

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