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Keto Supplements – Vitamins & Minerals for OPTIMAL Health & Fitness with LCHF Diets

Putting first things first, in a perfect world you really don’t need keto supplements if you’re following the ketogenic diet correctly but who does?

Here I’ll list the keto supplements that I take daily or have on hand for times that I might feel off color or fatigued.

The short list of keto supplements:

  • Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder
  • MCT Oil
  • Vitamin B12 “Sublingual Spray”
  • Magnesium
  • A daily multivitamin

#1 Keto Supplement for Low-Carb Adaptation & Fatigue – Electrolytes

You can definitely get enough electrolytes in your diet through broths & soups etc but many people fall by the wayside as they’ve been taught to leave “salt” the bodies primary electrolyte out of food.

It is a lack of electrolytes that causes the dreaded keto flu and fatigue. I always keep some sugar free electrolytes nearby for times that I feeling off particularly if I’ve been a little lazy in my food preparation. Sugar-Free Electrolytes are my first port of call.

#2 MCT Oil A Great Supplement to get you in Ketosis


Mct Oil can now be purchased as a powdered supplement which I find very convenient.


Not only is MCT oil good for getting you into Ketosis but it also provides a nice little kick for those wanting an energy boost.

Im actually having some MCT Oil in my coffee as I type this.

MCT oil is to fat as glucose is to carbohydrates if you want that energy straight there and then MCT oil is for you. But use it with caution and start out with a small amount and I mean with a teaspoon.

But use MCT oil as a keto supplement with caution, starting out with a small amount and I mean with a teaspoon.

#3 Vitamin B12 “sublinqual spray”


I also take vitamin B12 (aka cobalamin) to supplement my ketogenic diet. I take it with a sublingual spray rather than swallowing a tablet as it is said that more of it reaches the blood stream that way as opposed to being lost in the digestive process of swallow a pill.

B12 is essential to the brain and nervous system. You can get it through your diet through, eggs, seafood and most abundant in organ meats and I’m not eating organ meats, sorry 🙂

#4 Supplement your keto diet with Magnesium before bed.


Magnesium plays such a vital role in our bodies that just about every process relies on it, it is the mineral that is most deficient in people. Magnesium isn’t solely a keto supplement but beneficial for most.

Lack of Magnesium can cause a myriad of ailments from damage to your liver and kidneys, osteoporosis, mood swings, insomnia and what people notice most, muscle cramps and spasms.

Magnesium is an electrolyte but most often the value and amount in electrolyte supplements is insufficient (for good reason) as the mineral is best taken at night.

Proper supplementation of magnesium is essential to good health.

#5 Daily Multivitamin My “Insurance” Keto Supplement


And finally I take a multi-vitamin for the pure reason of insurance. I’m not perfect and I don’t get all the nutrients I should all of the time.

I eat a healthy LCHF ketogenic diet but often I can be found gnawing away on a steak being too lazy to cook any green vegetables or maybe I’ve missed some eggs or something. I also drink “a lot” of water so I’m constantly flushing my system,

A good multi-vitamin to me is just to supplement important vitamins and minerals that I’ve overlooked for the day. I don’t go for specialist multi’s for men or women just a good all rounder with quality ingredients.

A final word: Some supplements or even foods can interact with medications or have unwanted side effects or reactions to individuals.

Be sure to consult a physician before changing or taking anything (that includes your diet).

This is a guide to keto supplements that I find beneficial to myself only and does not replace the sound and personal advice of medical professionals.