Satisfy Your Keto Bread Cravings – 6 Low Carb Baking Recipes

Whether beginning a ketogenic diet or long term LCHF dieters without a doubt the biggest food people struggle with is bread. But don’t despair with some clever ingredient manipulation we’ve developed a few keto bread recipes that will cure what ails you.

Low Carb Ketogenic Cheese and Bacon Rolls Keto Bread Recipe

#1 Keto Bread Low-Carb Ketogenic Cheese and Bacon Rolls

This delicious keto bread recipe is ultra low-carb due to the clever use of psyllium husks that hold moisture and create bulk. With 3 Cheese added to the mix just add some butter while they’re hot.

Find the recipe for these Bacon and Cheese Keto Bread rolls here.


Low Carb Soft Pretzels Keto Bread Recipe

#2 Keto Bread – Low-Carb Soft Pretzels

Probably our most popular keto bread to bake are these soft and fluffy pretzels, using almond flour, xanthan gum to imitate the chewiness and yeast for the bread aroma these are our most popular low-carb bread recipe.

Find the recipe for low carb soft pretzels here.


Low Carb Cheddar Cheese Zucchini Muffins Bread Recipe

 #3 Low-Carb Cheddar Cheese & Zucchini Muffins


The secret ingredients to cooking these delicious low carb muffins is coconut flour & baking powder. Loaded with butter and eggs they’re full of healthy fats, perfect for a quick LCHF snack. One of our easiest low carb bread recipes.

Find the Low Carb Cheese and Zucchini Muffins here.

Low Carb Savory Parmesan Pie Crust keto

#4 Savory Low Carb Parmesan Pie Crust


A lot of the regular pie recipes would be ketogenic if it weren’t for the crust. Well here is the perfect pie crust for those savoury keto pie creations you want to make in the kitchen. The secret to the crust is Almond Flour and Parmesan Cheese.

Find the Savory Low Carb Parmesan Pie Crust here.

Low Carb Bacon and Sour Cream Muffins

#5 Low Carb Bacon and Sour Cream Muffins


Another keto recipe we love making to kerb our bread cravings are our low carb bacon and sour cream muffins. We mix both coconut flour and almond meal with red wine vinegar for this unique LCHF recipe.

Follow the low carb bacon and sour cream muffins cooking instructions here.

Low Carb Glazed Keto Pretzels

#6 Low Carb Glazed Keto Pretzels


This one is a variation on our other pretzel recipe with a sweet twist using the natural sweetener blend Natvia. Soft chewy and sweet they remind me kind of like a donut.

Get the Recipe and Instructions for the Glazed Keto Pretzels Here

We hope these recipes meet with your keto bread needs, for more LCHF meals you can find plenty of tasty keto recipes here.