23 Keto Party Food Recipe Ideas


Coming into the festive season, you’ll want to have a bunch of go-to recipes for your get-togethers that won’t break your diet yet keep your guests satisfied. Below is a list of our favorite keto party recipe ideas so you can enjoy the festive season.

Keto Pigs In A Blanket

Keto Pigs in Blankets - yummy bacon wrapped sausages recipe
Pigs in Blankets

This Bacon Wrapped Chipolatas recipe is very low-carb and keto-friendly as we use only quality chipolatas, bacon, and a homemade sugar-free BBQ sauce.

Keto Chocolate Cake Recipe

Keto Chocolate Cake Layered
Keto Chocolate Cake Layered

This delicious keto mud cake is rich and fudgy, and you’ll love the low-carb sugar-free cream cheese frosting with just 4g net carbs.

Keto Cookie Dough

Keto Cookie Dough Recipe
Keto Cookie Dough

This delicious Keto Cookie Dough recipe with chocolate chips is an easy, no-bake recipe you can make at home in a pinch with just 1g net carbs.

Keto Puffed Cheese (Keto Popcorn)

Keto cheese puffs recipe
Keto cheese puffs recipe – just one ingredient

Keto Popcorn Cheese Puffs are so tasty and perfect for low-carb diets as they have no carbs and are super tasty. If you love cheese, you’ll love these.

Keto Coconut Blondies

Low Carb Coconut Blondies
Low-Carb Coconut Blondies Recipe

These Keto Coconut Blondies are the perfect low-carb snack for those who want something delicious and dairy free.

Fat Bombs

Best Keto Fat Bomb Recipes
Our Best Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Fat bombs make the perfect party finger food. Here’s an extensive list of them right here.

Keto Strawberry Smoothie

Keto strawberry smoothie.
Keto Strawberry Smoothie.

This easy-to-make keto strawberry smoothie recipe is a low-carb, healthy, and nutritious shake that anyone can make at home in minutes. So delicious!

Keto Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

Keto Pull Apart Bread
Keto Pull-Apart Bread So Tasty & Cheesy

What makes this keto cheesy garlic pull-apart bread better than others is its ability to rise and the aroma of yeast. These two important elements add to taste and texture in your mouth, making it the best cheesy garlic bread you’ll ever make.

Keto Garlic Chicken Wings

Keto Garlic Chicken WIngs
Keto Garlic Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a very affordable ingredient, yet they taste so good, made with your favorite rubs and marinades.

Keto Jello Cheesecake

Best Keto Jello Cheese Cake Recipe
A tasty Keto cream cheese recipe, a mouthwatering low-carb dessert

This keto jello cheesecake is the perfect dessert for birthday parties, the festive season, or when you just want to let your hair down and be merry, guilt-free, and sugar-free.

Frying Pan Pizza

Best Keto Cheese Frying Pan Pizza Recipe
Keto Cheese Frying Pan Pizza.

We make this crispy keto frying pan pizza recipe all the time. We’ve tried fathead pizza, but it’s tedious and isn’t like real pizza dough, so we leave it out altogether for a better experience!

Keto Lamingtons

Keto Lamingtons Recipe - Sugar free and Gluten free Cakes
Delicious Keto Lamingtons with sugar-free jam and low-carb cream.

Every Australian knows what lamingtons are now, and the rest of the world can enjoy them too!

Keto Peanut Brittle

Keto Peanut Brittle - delicious sugar-free candy recipe
Keto Peanut Brittle

This easy Keto Peanut Brittle is our take on the classic candy found at fetes, fairs, and markets. This version is very low-carb and sugar-free, yet still crunchy and sweet.

Keto Mocha Mousse

Keto Mocha Coffee Mousse Recipe
Keto Mocha Coffee Mousse Recipe

This Keto Mocha Mousse recipe is light, fluffy, and creamy, and the coffee flavor with chocolate is a perfect dessert with a touch of class.

Keto Devilled Eggs Party Food

Keto Deviled Eggs
Keto Deviled Eggs

This keto deviled eggs recipe is one of our favorite ways to enjoy healthy eggs as they are low carb, keto-friendly, big on flavor, and the perfect snack or finger food.

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Keto snacks peanut butter cookies.
Keto snacks peanut butter cookies.

What makes this keto peanut butter cookie recipe stand out from the rest is the two extra ingredients that most home kitchens have sitting in the pantry. Vanilla and shredded coconut. Just that little tweak makes all the difference.

Keto Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Keto maple bacon cupcakes recipe.
Keto maple bacon cupcakes recipe.

These low-carb keto Maple Bacon Cupcakes are divine, the perfect combination of salty and sweet in one mouthful.

Keto Chocolate Truffles

How to make Keto Chocolate Truffles - easy melt and mix chocolate candy recipe
How to make Keto Chocolate Truffles

This Keto Chocolate Truffles recipe is easy to make and very delicious, rich, smooth, and sugar-free.

Keto Bars Choc Cherry Creams

Keto Bars Recipe - Chocolate Cherry Ripe
Keto Bars Recipe.

Wait until your friends taste these keto cherry ripe bars. They’ll love the three different flavors and textures that complement each other.

Keto Pavlova

Keto Pavlova.
Keto Pavlova.

This Sugar-Free Keto Pavlova recipe is very light and delicate compared to the traditional version. It has a crisp outside and a soft marshmallow-like meringue inside.

Keto Cream Pie

Keto raspberry cream pie.
Keto raspberry cream pie.

You won’t believe how tasty this Keto Raspberry Cream Pie recipe is with its low-carb chocolate cookie base topped with keto whipped cream is just delicious!

Keto Haystacks

Keto Chocolate Haystacks on parchment paper
Keto Chocolate Haystacks

Quick and easy little bite-sized snacks are an excellent addition to the sweets table.

Ground Pork Meatballs (Toothpick & Dip them)

Keto Ground Pork Meatballs Recipe
Keto Ground Pork Meatballs Recipe with Cheese and Mustard

This keto pork meatballs recipe is a delicious combination of pork, cheddar cheese, and mustard baked in the oven with no flour or fillers.

Five images of keto party recipes. Pigs in blanket, jello cake, cherry slice, chocolate cake, and pull apart bread.
Delicious keto party recipes for your festivities.


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