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High Blood Sugar link to Alzheimer’s Disease found in new Scientific Study

Scientists from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom have for the first time found a link between high blood glucose levels and Alzheimer’s disease. They discovered that excess blood glucose levels damaged essential enzymes in the brain that control inflammation found at the early stages of the disease. It has been known for some time that people who have diabetes had a greater chance of developing Alzheimers Disease compared to the rest of the population. Dr Omar Kassaar: “Excess sugar is well known to be bad for us when it comes to diabetes and obesity, but this potential link with...

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Best Ketone Meters to Monitor Ketosis

Technology has come a long way and for people on Ketogenic Diets its no different. The goal of a high-fat, low-carb diet is to get into a state called Ketosis where the body burns fat as fuel rather than using glucose as its source of energy. When your body does this it produces Ketone Bodies. To monitor whether you’re in ketosis or not you use one of the ketone meters below they’re the best available ketone meters for 2017 plus one that measures blood glucose as well. Types of Ketone Meters There are several types of ketone meters available...

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Best Sugar Substitute for Baking in Ketogenic Diets

The Best Sugar Substitutes for Baking in Ketogenic Diets If there isn’t enough debate and misinformation about natural and artificial sweeteners the LCHF and Ketogenic Diet forums ought to really confuse you. The best sugar substitute for baking low-carb, high-fat food depends on the recipe and also its impact on ketosis. At the same time, we don’t just go throwing any old thing in our tasty treats without thorough research first. We’re here to let you know that we use a variety of sweeteners in our keto recipes. It enables us to keep them low-carb and sugar-free, yet still tasting...

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Keto Food Pyramid For Ketogenic Diets [infographic]

Share the Infographic above on your site! <!—– Copy and Paste This Code Into Your Post —-></p> <h3>Ketogenic Food Pyramid</h3> <p><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Keto Food Pyramid for a Ketogenic Diet” width=”700px” /></a><br></p> <p><a href=””>eg: Infographic By</a></p> <p>   The Keto Food Pyramid for Ketogenic Diets tips the traditional food pyramid on its head. In fact, the keto food pyramid omits grains, sugar, and most fruits completely. Keto Food Pyramid Break Down 70% Fat Fats take up the greatest percentage of the keto food pyramid for a ketogenic diet and can be found at the bottom largest portion. Fats will...

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Start NOW: Weight Loss made EASY with the Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

Planning to get healthy in the New Year? Well, the best path to success is choosing the right path and a scientifically back diet by the world’s leading Sports and Diet, Scientists, and Doctors. In recent times those scientists at the top of diet and nutrition have been turning the food pyramid on its head. Swedens government was the first to reject the low-fat, high-carb notion of the food pyramid, now others not bound by industry donors are getting on board as well. The science can’t be ignored sugar and high carb diets kill! Here we’ve put together everything...

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