21 Keto Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas


Love is in the air! Enjoy this special time of year with these delicious keto Valentine’s Day recipe ideas, from visually appealing tasty treats to delicious desserts and meals. There is something for everyone’s taste buds.

Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs

Keto raspberry cream fat bombs on top of each other.
Keto raspberry cream fat bombs.

Molded into heart-shaped treats, these raspberry cream fat bombs are the perfect keto Valentine’s Day treat. You’ll love making these tasty snacks with only three ingredients plus water and in three easy steps.

Keto cheesecake slice on a plate.
Keto cheesecake.

This keto cheesecake recipe makes a deliciously sweet and creamy low-carb dessert with a tasty, crumbly cookie base.

Keto Chocolate Recipes

The best keto ice cream recipe.
32 keto chocolate recipes.

Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day favorite, so rather than list them all (we’ve listed a few), here is a list of our favorite keto chocolate recipes for you to choose from.

Keto Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe (Just 3 Ingredients)

Keto Flourless Chocolate Cake. Easy 3 Ingredients.
Keto flourless chocolate cake with 3 Ingredients.

This Valentine’s Day, try this moist and rich keto flourless chocolate cake recipe that is a quick 3-ingredients recipe, not at all crumbly, and super easy to make. 3g net carbs per serve.

Keto Jello Slice

Keto jello slices on a table top.
Keto Jelly Slice

This delicious low-carb keto jello slice recipe is creamy in the center with a crunchy base. The three different textures taste amazing in your mouth.

Cherry Ripe Slice

Cherry ripe slice on a tiered serving platter wit a blue background.
Keto cherry ripe slice.

This delicious keto cherry ripe slice with a chocolate cookie base might be more than a mouthful to say, but they’re even better to eat. They’re super delicious and sugar-free, with only 2g net carbs.

Keto Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry mousse in a glass.
Keto strawberry mousse.

This classy-looking keto strawberry mousse recipe is a super easy-to-make dessert that you can whip up in minutes with only 2g carbs.

Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Keto cinnamon rolls on a cooling rack.
Keto cinnamon rolls.

These keto cinnamon rolls are made with a mix of low-carb flour. They’re sweet and aromatic but with no sugar added. Perfect for your Valentine’s Day get together.

This keto cinnamon rolls recipe is, without doubt, the only way to make the best cinnamon rolls in town. Follow all the steps and watch the amazement when people put them in their mouths.

Keto Mocha / Coffee Mousse

Keto Mocha Coffee Mousse Recipe
Keto mocha coffee mousse.

Looking for a decadent dessert to impress your Valentine? This keto mocha mousse will do it! It is light, fluffy, and creamy, and the coffee flavor with chocolate is a perfect dessert when you want to add a touch of class.

Keto Vanilla Strawberry Fudge

Keto Vanilla Strawberry Fudge
Keto vanilla strawberry fudge.

This delicious keto strawberry fudge recipe is a great snack to make ahead of time when visitors arrive or between meals.

Keto Caramel Slice

Keto caramel slice stacked on top of one another..
Keto caramel slice.

This delicious keto caramel slice is a triple-layered sugar-free dessert with a crumbly cookie base, caramel filling, and chocolate topping.

Keto Whipped Cream

Keto whipped cream in a bowl.
Keto whipped cream.

If you’re having Valentine’s Day brunch, dessert, or a get-together, this keto whipped cream is going to come in handy for desserts and drinks such as smoothies. Keto whipped cream is similar to the regular recipe except that it’s sugar-free and, therefore, very low-carb.

Keto Panna Cotta

Keto Panna Cotta Recipe
Delicious keto panna cotta.

Our keto vanilla panna cotta is a sweet, creamy, and delicious low-carb dessert. It’s a very easy recipe to make – and even easier to devour.

Red Velvet Fat Bombs

Keto Red Velvet Fat Bombs in a serving dish.
Red velvet fat bombs.

These simple keto red velvet fat bombs are a delicious sugar-free snack. They are loaded with low-carb chocolate, cream cheese, and vanilla to create that classic red velvet flavor you love!

Strawberry Cream Fat Bombs

Strawberry Fat Bombs Recipe. These easy keto strawberry and cream fat bombs are a delicious snack and a great way to get some extra fat in your diet. They are one healthy treat!
Strawberry fat bombs recipe.

These easy-to-make strawberry cream fat bombs are an excellent low-carb, high-fat keto snack that makes an attractive treat for a Valentine’s Day tea party.

This strawberries and cream fat bomb recipe is great for an energy-lifting snack or an in-between meal hunger buster.

Low Carb Strawberry Cream Romanoff

Low Carb Strawberries Romanoff served in glasses.
Low-carb strawberry cream Romanoff.

This low-carb strawberry and cream Romanoff is a quick and easy dessert to whip up like strawberries and cream but more flavorsome and delicious.

Keto Raspberry Cream Pie

Keto raspberry cream pie in a pie dish.
Keto raspberry cream pie.

You won’t believe how tasty this keto raspberry cream pie recipe is. With its low-carb chocolate cookie base topped with keto whipped cream, it is just delicious!

Low-carb cookie cake on a cake tray with a blue background.
Low-carb cookie cake.

This low-carb cookie cake recipe is an excellent alternative to a classic birthday or celebration cake. It’s easy to make and taste delicious!

Keto Frozen Yogurt

Keto frozen yogurt in a dessert glass.
Keto frozen yogurt.

This simple keto frozen yogurt recipe is super easy to make. It’s a delicious dessert or snack. Just add your favorite toppings.

Keto Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

Keto lamb shanks in a bowl with cauliflower mash.
Keto dinner recipe ideas.

Looking for ideas of what to have for dinner on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a list of our favorite dinner dishes.

Keto Candy

Keto candy coconut Ice in a bowl.
Keto candy.

Coconut Ice is a delightful keto candy snack that everyone will love. We’ve created a ketogenic version of this childhood favorite that is very easy to make.

Keto cheesecake with Valentine's Day keto recipes as text surrounded by a flower border.
21 keto Valentine’s Day recipe ideas.

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