Spicy Keto Recipes


With this list of our best spicy keto recipes, we’ve replaced high-carb ingredients such as flour and sugar with low-carb alternatives.

Spicy Keto Curry Recipes Delicious Low Carb Meals
Our favorite Keto curry recipes. Easy to make with readily available ingredients.

The beauty of our keto curry recipes is that you can make them in bulk and freeze or refrigerate them to eat them as needed. Just get some cheap plastic containers and load them up, ready to heat and eat.

The Best Spicy Keto Recipes List

Bookmark this page, as we’ll add more curries to the list as we make them. We’re always exploring ways to make keto curry recipes out of regular everyday dishes.

Creamy Spicy Keto Shrimp Curry Recipe (medium heat)

Keto Creamy Shrimp Curry - easy dinner recipe
Keto Creamy Shrimp Curry

A delicious Cream Keto Shrimp Curry that’s perfect for low-carb seafood lovers.

Serve with a side of cauliflower rice. 

Spicy Keto Chicken Curry Recipe (mild to Medium)

Keto Indian Chicken Curry
Creamy and Spicy – Keto Indian chicken curry recipe.

Such a delicious curry recipe influenced by a creamy Indian curry.

Very easy to make on the stovetop with readily available ingredients that every good keto cook should have in the kitchen. Yum!

Keto Medium Spicy Beef Panang

Keto Beef Panang Curry - easy Thai curry recipe
Keto Beef Panang Curry

Beef Panang is a famous Thai Curry with tender strips packed with spicy flavors.

We took the traditional recipe and made it low-carb, perfect for your Keto diet.

Hot And Spicy Keto Vindaloo Curry

Spicy Keto Pork Vindaloo Curry Recipe
Spicy Keto Pork Vindaloo Curry Recipe

If you like your Keto curry hot, this low-carb vindaloo is for you. Again we use the stovetop and make plenty for everyone.

If it’s too hot for you, just back off on the chili for a milder curry.

Keto Mild Peanut Chicken Curry Recipe

How to make Keto Peanut Chicken - slow cooker recipe
How to make Keto Peanut Chicken

If you’re a fan of satay chicken, this Keto Peanut Chicken Curry will hit the spot.

Perfect for Indonesian or Thai-themed meals.

Keto Korma Mild Spicy Curry Recipe

Keto Korma Curry Recipe
Keto Korma Curry Recipe

We love lamb, and this Keto korma curry recipe hits the spot. Korma is a milder curry that’s warm and full of flavor.

Korma isn’t alone a curry recipe as such but a method of cooking various Indian dishes. This is one of our favorites.

Keto Thai Style Pork (mild) Curry Recipe

Keto Thai Style Pork Curry
Keto Thai Style Pork Curry

Thai curry dishes have a unique flavor. They use coconut in many of their recipes for that unmistakable flavor. We use cream rather than coconut milk in our curry recipes, making it low-carb and creamier.

This Thai keto curry recipe goes well with a cauliflower rice side.

Thai Massaman Keto Mild Curry

Massaman Keto Curry Recipe
Keto Massaman Curry Recipe

Another Thai Keto curry recipe that we love to make is this beef massaman.

The traditional curry calls for potatoes but we leave them out to keep the curry low-carb.

Keto Madras Medium Spice Curry Recipe

Keto Madras Curry Recipe
Keto Madras Curry Recipe

Back to our Indian keto curry recipes, and we have this rich and spicy madras.

A mix of meed almonds and spices, it’s one warm and hearty recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Keto Spicy Boiled Egg Curry

Keto Egg Curry Recipe
Keto Indian Egg Curry Recipe

It’s no secret we love eggs for their superior health benefits. That’s what makes this keto egg curry recipe one everyone should try.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians and is popular in Indian cuisine.

Keto Curry Cauliflower Rice Recipe (mild spice)

Keto Curry Cauliflower Rice Recipe
Keto Curry Cauliflower Rice Recipe

This curry cauliflower rice recipe is the ideal side for all your keto curry recipes.

A very tasty, fragrant dish, it’s the low-carb world’s version of real rice.

Keto Curry Recipes
Spicy Keto Curry Recipes Collection.

If you have any Keto curry recipe ideas, we’d love to hear them.

Can You Eat Curry On A Keto Diet?

Yes, you can. When making keto curry recipes, we leave out the sugar, flour, and other non-low-carb additives. 

You will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the original version and our keto version of these curries.

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  1. Most currys are normal indian curry. Usually
    eaten with rice. I dont get what’s special with these recipes that you labelled them keto

    • Hi Ann,

      If you look closely at the recipes you will notice that we have altered traditional Indian recipes to avoid ingredients like sugar, honey, and dried fruits, swapping higher carb nuts for lower carb ones, and switching low-fat milks for creams – and of course, serving them with cauliflower rice to reduce the carbs.

      This is why they are labeled as keto. I hope that helps 🙂


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