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low carb fast food ketogenic diet options

We’ve been doing variations of a ketogenic diet for quite a long time now, starting with Atkins about a decade ago, and while we love coming up with our recipes at home we also love to eat out now and then. In our time, we’ve come across quite a few low carb fast food options and tweaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Some of our favorite Low Carb Fast Food Options

Ketogenic Fast Food Breakfast options bacon and eggs
Fast Food breakfast is easy to fit into your keto diet, eggs, bacon and avocado

Low Carb Fast Food Breakfast

  1. Roadside Diners: Roadside diners are a hit if you’re after variety. Many serve a ketogenic friendly big breakfast of Eggs, Bacon, and Sausage, just ask them to hold the toast or any other hi carb sides. They’re a hit with truckers and one of the best low carb fast food options for breakfast on the road.
  2. Starbucks have a protein box with egg and cheese in it to have with your morning coffee, just drop the fruit and your right to go.
  3. MacDonald’s has a big breakfast that you can make low carb, but we’ve found once you remove the carbs the meal is a little too small for our liking, but you can try it.
  4. Cafe; Bacon and Eggs, with Avocado. We’ve had no problem finding this anywhere we go. In fact, it isn’t only a great low carb fast food option for breakfast lunch or dinner, we make it at home it’s so nutritious with its healthy fat content, vitamins, and minerals. Or make your own: Check out our YouTube Video how to make a LCHF Ham and Cheese Shaker Omelette with Avocado 😉

low carb ketogenic fast food lunch options

Low Carb Fast Food Lunch

  1. McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese hold the bun. We’ve been to some that will serve it up in a lettuce cup. Without the bun, a Quarter Pounder has 330 calories, 24g of fat and only 3g of net carbs, not bad and our most eaten low carb fast food lunch. Check the following recipe you’re if your looking for low-carb bread options.
  2. Nando’s Portugues Chicken. We eat Nandos a lot and aim for the fattier parts such as thighs etc.. Portuguese style chicken is very low in carbs, high in protein and fat and very delicious.
  3. Pizza Hut – No, no pizza sorry, but the All American Chicken Wings fit in perfectly with no carbs and plenty of fat and protein.
  4. Domino’s Pizza, likewise no pizza but their Buffalo Wings are delicious and one of our favorite low carb fast food options at lunch time.
low carb burger hetogenic fast food option
Most take outs are more than happy to accommodate you by withholding the bun in place of lettuce on your Burgers. Ask for whole egg mayonnaise and sugar-free sauces, or opt out.

Low Carb Fast Food Dinner

  1. KFC: No Fried Chicken, but try the Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad without croutons; Roasted Chicken BLT salad; KFC Greens any of the uncoated wing variations. If you stay away from the coated fried chicken, you can get some great Low Carb Fast Food Dinner options at KFC
  2. Any Diner or Take Out: Roast Chicken with vegetables. Hold the stuffing, bread and potatoes.
  3. Korean BBQ restaurants have a lot of Low Carb Fast Food options, especially the restaurants where you dine in and cook your own.
  4. Brazillian BBQ would have to be close to 80% low carb, high fat and protein. Simply pass on the carb options when they arrive at your table.

The longer you’re on a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet the more you’ll come across Fast Food options that fit in with your way of eating. Enjoy

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