Best Ketone Meters for Monitor ketosis levelsYou’ll want a Ketone Meter to Monitor Ketosis levels and blood glucose if you’re starting a Keto Diet. We all agree on that!

Knowing and monitoring your blood ketone levels is very important for those on a ketogenic diet.

The goal of a high-fat, low-carb diet is to get into a state called Ketosis. Where the body burns fat as fuel rather than using glucose as its source of energy. Raising the blood ketone levels in your body.

Our Blood Ketone Meter & Breath Monitor Reviews

There are several types of ketone meters available that monitor ketosis. They measure ketones levels in different ways. Some more accurate than others or more convenient than others.

Below we discuss several types of ketone meters to monitor ketosis that are currently available. Some monitor glucose as well as blood ketone levels, and others measure the breath ketone by-product “acetone.”

The latest keto monitor in 2018 is a blood ketone meter with Bluetooth connectivity by the company Fora.

Types of Keto Meters

There are three main types of keto meters available, they all monitor ketone levels in different ways. We list each product below from the most accurate the others may be more convenient. (Depending on what you consider convenient. We believe accuracy is most important).

  1. Blood Ketone Meters: Measure ketone levels in the blood.
  2. Breath Ketone Meters: Measure the ketone by-product acetone on the breath.
  3. Ketostix: (Aka Urine Strips); measure acetoacetate in urine.

As we touch on further on, we do not use Ketostix anymore.

The Best Ketone Meters In 2018

Other Ways of Measuring Ketones (we only recommend if you can’t get anything else).

Ketostix ketone indicator strips – Measure ketone levels via acetoacetate in urine, but are unreliable.

If you’re serious, forget Ketostix. Save yourself from uncertainty and get a blood ketone meter, Fora’s Kit is currently on special here.

Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter

keto mojo ketone meter

A new keto monitor on the market for measuring ketone levels is the Keto Mojo.

The Keto Mojo is a blood ketone and blood glucose measuring kit.

The makers claim that the Keto Mojo is the most accurate meter on the market. (We agree that it is at least on par with other blood ketone meters).

Keto Mojo is perfect for people on a ketogenic diet to measure their ketone levels fast and accurately.

This ketone monitor also measures blood glucose levels and blood oxygen levels. (invaluable metrics)

The Keto Mojo “Pro” Kit which is 40% off RRP currently comes with everything needed for you to get started. Plus you get discounted future ketone strip purchases:

  • The Keto Mojo meter
  • 1 lancet device
  • 60 blood ketone test strips
  • 50 blood glucose test strips
  • 10 lancets
  • Carrying case

The Keto Mojo blood ketone meter works along similar lines as other keto meters (The Keto mojo is also FDA Approved).

It measures blood ketones levels (or glucose) by pricking your finger with the painless lancing device that comes with the Keto Mojo blood ketone meter kit.

You then allow the ketone test strip to absorb your drop of blood. Then put the test strip into the Mojo keto meter for accurate ketone levels reading.

Considering the technology, price and accuracy, the Keto Mojo blood ketone meter is one of the best value for money in our opinion.

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FORA 6 Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter

Fora 6 Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter

Fora 6 Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter

The Fora 6 Bluetooth blood keto meter is the latest ketone monitor for us to use. The Fora 6 ketone meter has a few extra functions than the the Mojo but we find them both equally as comfortable and accurate to use.

This little beauty does the same thing as other blood keto meters and seems to be similarly built.

But with one exception, “Bluetooth”.

Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter

The Fora 6 Connect Blood Ketone Meter comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

A handy function to keep track of your ketone levels and blood glucose on your mobile and tablet devices.

We’ve tested it on IOS devices, iPhone and Ipad and it works seamlessly. We haven’t yet tested Android but its there.

Like the Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter, it monitors blood glucose level as well as ketone levels.

About The Fora 6 Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter

  • The Fora 6 is FDA Approved
  • The Fora 6 measures both blood ketone levels and blood glucose levels
  • The Fora 6 connects via Bluetooth to Android and Apple IOS devices
  • The Fora 6 come with free access to IOS App and Android App
  • The Fora 6 App records trend graphs with time patterns
  • The Fora 6 allows you to add notes to your readings (record what you ate beforehand)

You can use the Fora 6 blood ketone meter without using the bluetooth function.

The Fora 6 Connect is every bit as accurate measuring ketone levels as the other blood keto meters available.

Just like the other blood keto meters. To use it you prick your finger, dip the ketone (or glucose) strip in your blood and put it into the machine for an accurate reading. Easy!

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Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter & Glucose Monitor

One of the oldest meters around for monitoring ketosis is the Precision Xtra blood ketone meter and glucose monitor.

The Precision Xtra works similarly to the newer ketone meters, Keto Mojo and Fora 6. It works by pricking your finger then dipping a ketone test strip in your blood.

The machine then gives you a reading of your blood ketone levels.

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter Things To Know

  • Using the Precision Xtra blood ketone meter and glucose monitor is a very accurate way to test ketone levels.
  • You can also accurately test blood glucose levels as well as ketone levels. (You will need different blood glucose test strips).
  • The Precision Xtra blood ketone meter is sold by Abbott Pharmaceuticals (A very large multinational), so a lot has gone into its development “but” it hasn’t changed in some time, and they do not sell it directly so expect a more significant mark up from retailers.
  • You need to keep a ready supply of test strips on hand with the Precision Xtra blood glucose and ketone meter.

Pro tip: There’s are quite a few vendors selling the Blood Ketone Meters, so they compete. Look around you can often save by buying a kit or buying ketone strips in bulk.

Unfortunately you can’t buy the Precision Xtra Directly like the Mojo and Fora 6.

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The Best Breath Ketone Meter (Breathalyzer)

A breath ketone meter monitors ketosis by measuring the levels of acetone on the breath. Breath ketone meters (breath ketone analyzers) aren’t quite as accurate as a blood ketone meter.

But breath ketone meters are the next best thing if you’re not keen on pricking your finger all the time.

We’ve checked a few out and many simply are not up to scratch so we’re not going to bother with those but we can recommend one that is a pioneer in the market called the Ketonix.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter (Breathalyzer)

Where the Ketonix lacks in accuracy compared to the Fora 6 or Ketone Mojo, it makes up for with convenience.

Like we said earlier the Ketonix ketone breath meter works by measuring acetone on the breath rather than having to prick your finger. So weigh up what’s best for you, accuracy or convenience? We prefer a blood ketone meter but we don’t mind pricking our finger.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter (Breathalyzer)

Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter (Breathalyzer)

You don’t have to prick your finger with the Ketonix breath ketone meter. It doesn’t use any blood glucose test or blood ketone test strip.

The Ketonix breath ketone meter works by analysing acetone on your breath that your body produces. Acetone is produced when you’re in a state of ketosis.

Rather than measuring blood ketone levels, the Ketonix breathalyzer measures acetone ( a byproduct of ketosis ) on the breath.

The Ketonix breathalyser is ideal for those who find pricking their finger for blood ketone meters inconvenient.

The Ketonix takes a different approach to measure ketones than a blood glucose meter and is more convenient.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter Benefits

  • With the Ketonix, you can test yourself an unlimited amount of times, hourly if you like.
  • Ketonix breathalyzer is ideal if you want to see how various foods affect ketosis. Test your breath after you’ve eaten or to measure the effect exercise has on ketone levels.
  • The Ketonix is affordable when you take into account the price of test strips for blood monitors.
  • The Ketonix has no test strips and requires no further outlay.
  • Ketonix also comes with software that will keep a log and also calibrates the device to the optimal settings for your goals.

If you’re monitoring ketones levels for conditions like athletic performance, weight loss or diabetes.

The Ketonix adjusts its settings to test whether you’re in the ideal range for that condition.

The Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer is a one-off payment.

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Ketostix Ketone Strips

The oldest method of testing for ketosis is by using Ketostix. Ketostix is a thin strip that you either dip in your urine or pass through the stream. Ketostix is not nearly as accurate as the Breath analyzer or Blood Ketone Meters.

What Are Ketostix?

Ketostix are thin strips that you either dip in your urine or pass them through the stream to measure ketone levels.

Ketostix are not as accurate as blood ketone meters or breath ketone analysers

Ketostix can be deceptive; many people find themselves striving to get a purple indication when they might already be in ketosis.

You could have high ketone levels and still get no indication with Ketostix. I don’t recommend Ketostix, I’ve linked to them simply so that you can get a better indication of what they are.

Why Are Ketostix Inaccurate For Monitoring Ketosis?

Ketostix are inaccurate because urine contains so many different elements that can differ from day to day and times of the day.

Ketone levels vary with Ketostix for reasons including how hydrated you are, the food you’ve eaten and activity undertaken.

Some people think Ketostix are ok for getting an indication of ketosis now and then. I wouldn’t rely on them.

Those people who are monitoring their ketone levels “often,” are best to buy  The Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter or The Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter “Breathalyzer.”

You’ll get more accurate readings and peace of mind using a blood or breath ketone meter than Ketostix.

There is also the Bluetooth Blood Ketone Meter as well that is like the Mojo but with Bluetooth.

Before we conclude I’d like to answer a common question.

What Is A Good Ketone Level for Ketosis?

Good ketone levels for ketosis

Good ketone levels for ketosis – (Image courtesy The Art and Science of Low Carb Living – wiki commons).

The optimum range of ketone levels for ketosis is between 1.5 and 3 mmol/L in the blood. However nutritional ketosis begins at 0.5 mol/L.

If you note on the chart above the effects that exercise and fasting has on ketosis. The chart above also highlights why it is so important to keep tabs on your ketone levels with a ketone monitor.


If you want to stay on point with your keto diet, it’s wise to keep tabs on your ketone levels.

Using one of the recommended ketone meters mentioned above will keep you honest and on track. They’re the best available ketone meters for 2018, some of them measure blood glucose as well.

best ketone meters monitor ketosis

Ketone Meters are great devices for monitoring ketosis and keeping your ketones levels on point, everyone that is serious about their keto diet should have one.