the best ketone meters for ketosis my keto kitchenPeople on Ketogenic Diets are going to want a Ketone Meter to monitor their state of Ketosis.

The goal of a high-fat, low-carb diet is to get into a state called Ketosis where the body burns fat as fuel rather than using glucose as its source of energy.

Types of Ketone Meters

There are several types of ketone meters available that monitor ketosis in vastly different ways, some more accurate than others and some more convenient others.

We’ll discuss 3 types of Ketone Meters available starting with the best on the market today in 2017.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer

Ketonix Ketone Meter for measuring Ketosis

The Ketonix comes in two versions. Regular ketone meter and sports ketone meter

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The Ketonix breath analyser doesn’t use any blood glucose test or test strip, it works by analysing acetone on your breath that your body produces when you’re in a state of ketosis.

The Ketonix is slightly less accurate as blood ketone and glucose meters are per test. But they are more convenient

With the Ketonix, you can test yourself an unlimited amount of times, hourly if you like. Which is ideal if you want to see how various foods effect ketosis after you’ve eaten them or even the effects exercise has.

The Ketonix is affordable when you take into account the price of test strips for blood monitors. (Many companies give away cheap versions of blood monitors but make their money on testing strips).

The Ketonix has no test strips and requires no further outlay.

Ketonix also comes with software that will keep a log and also calibrates the device to the optimal settings for your goals. If you’re trying to monitor ketones under conditions such as athletic performance, weight loss, diabetes, alzheimer’s or epilepsy. The Ketonix adjusts its settings to test whether you’re in the ideal range for that condition.

The Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer is a one-off payment you can read more & check them out here.

Blood Ketone Meter

One of the best & most precise ways of monitoring ketosis is with a blood ketone and glucose meter. This involves pricking your finger then dipping a test strip in your blood and inserting it into the machine for an accurate reading.

While this is a very accurate way to test for ketone bodies, you need to keep a ready supply of test strips on hand. Whereas the Ketonix requires nothing else other than the meter, for no ongoing expenses and convenience.

The Ketonix ketone meter does the job for monitoring ketosis and is a very accurate blood ketone monitor.

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Ketostix Ketone Strips

The oldest method of testing for ketosis is by using Ketostix. Ketostix are thin strip that you either dip in your urine or pass the through the stream. Ketostix are not nearly as accurate as the Breath analyzer or Blood Ketone Meters.

Ketostix are thin strip that you either dip in your urine or pass them through the stream. Ketostix are not nearly as accurate as the Breath analyzer or Blood Ketone Meters

Ketostix are also a little deceptive and many people find themselves striving to get a purple indication on their test strip when they could already be in ketosis. Urine contains so many elements on different days and times of day for varying reasons including how hydrated you are.

While Ketostix are ok for getting some sort of indication every now and then. Those people who are monitoring their ketones often are best to buy the Ketonix Breathalizer to get good readings easily and be done with it, no more expense! Or if you’re a stickler for precision go for the Blood Ketone Meter.

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When your body does this it produces Ketone Bodies. To monitor whether you’re in ketosis or not you use one of the ketone meters mentioned above they’re the best available ketone meters for 2017 plus one that measures blood glucose as well.

If you’re wanting an in-depth explanation of how to get into ketosis, visit the keto diet page for a variety of article it will see you in good stead and on your way to healthy eating and a healthy life.

Ketone Meters are a great tool for your efforts into ketosis but sticking to your macros is key.