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Intermittent Fasting & Ketogenic Diet – The Science & Benefits of Fasted Weight Loss in Ketosis

There are claims that intermittent fasting not only aids weight loss but also improves brain health, cognitive function and even as a life extension tool. Fasting, of course, is not a new thing it has been around for centuries used by athletes, various religions and lifestyle gurus. There has been a lot of research and study into intermittent fasting science that suggests it has many applications in medicine. What is Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting (commonly known as “IF”) is not dieting rather it is how you plan your diet or schedule when you eat. To fast means not to...

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Keto Supplements – Vitamins & Minerals for OPTIMAL Health & Fitness with LCHF Diets

Putting first things first, in a perfect world you really don’t need keto supplements if you’re following the ketogenic diet correctly but who does? Here I’ll list the keto supplements that I take daily or have on hand for times that I might feel off color or fatigued. The short list of keto supplements: Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder MCT Oil Vitamin B12 “Sublingual Spray” Magnesium A daily multivitamin #1 Keto Supplement for Low-Carb Adaptation & Fatigue – Electrolytes You can definitely get enough electrolytes in your diet through broths & soups etc but many people fall by the wayside as they’ve been...

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How To Prepare for Starting a Ketogenic Diet

Some simple steps before starting a ketogenic diet can improve your chances of a success and make your transition a breeze. Clean Out The Pantry And Refrigerator Of All Temptation Go through your kitchen and eliminate all products that can easily be consumed in a moment of weakness, as you will crave carbohydrates initially until you become keto-adapted or get into ketosis. A Few Products To Help You In Starting A Ketogenic Diet That Act As Insurance Against Failure Electrolytes Multivitamins Natural Sweetener It’s true you can, and ideally, should do your ketogenic diet by getting your nutrients and electrolytes...

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9 Common Ketogenic Diet Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

1. Not Getting Enough Essential Electrolytes When we eliminate carbohydrates from our diet, our body stops holding onto essential electrolytes and flushes them out, along with all that water that high carb diets cause you to hold onto. In particular, the body’s primary electrolyte; sodium. One of the most common ketogenic diet mistakes is not replenishing our electrolytes and eliminating salt from our diets (like we’ve been conditioned). Make sure you replace your electrolytes to stave off the dreaded keto flu. 2. Extreme Calorie Restriction Initially, you should ignore calorie restriction all together while you adapt to a low-carb, high-fat...

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Keto Flu Symptoms, Low Carb Headache and Fatigue in Ketosis

I would have it as a guess that more than half of the people I have seen on the Ketogenic Diet have experienced to some degree what is known as Keto Flu or Low Carb Flu. Mostly a feeling of fatigue, slight headaches or nausea overcomes them. The symptoms of Keto Flu / Low Carb Flu usually occurs in the first two weeks of a person beginning a ketogenic diet and entering into ketosis. They can come and go if you’re not getting the right nutrition.  Share the Infographic above on your site! <!—– Copy and Paste This Code...

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