7 Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits

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Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits infographic

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Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits

Since the turn of the millennium, a greater focus has been on Low-Carb Diets. 

Traditionally the ketogenic diet was used to control seizures in some people who suffer epilepsy.

But there has been increased interest in the scientific community on other benefits of the keto diet aside from epilepsy.

Scientists have shown through research that the keto diet has a variety of other benefits.

Our infographic above on the  Ketogenic Diets health benefits, lists what is known so far. In short that keto is excellent for:

  1. Heart Health
  2. Controlling Blood Sugar and Insulin
  3. Appetite control
  4. Greater longer-lasting weight loss
  5. Neurological benefits
  6. Stabilizing Moods
  7. Longer lasting energy.


There are also promising indications in other areas of health, nutrition, and medicine that are not “as yet” conclusive but no less exciting. (due to the length of time a genuine scientific study takes to conclude its findings). We won’t list those here, but will update as these further studies in to ketosis are concluded.

#1 Heart Health / Cardiovascular Benefits

Ketogenic Diets increase levels of good HDL cholesterol while lowering Triglyceride levels in the blood which are major risk factors in heart disease.

#2 Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance

When you eat a low carb diet (and moderate protein) with high fat, your blood sugar levels reduce dramatically as does the insulin you produce to deal with it.

With High-Carb diets, many people develop a condition called insulin resistance. Ketogenic Diets have been shown to benefit and even reverse insulin resistance.

#3 Ketogenic Diet Appetite Suppressing Benefits

A correctly implemented Ketogenic Diet has the added benefit of curbing hunger pangs through its unique action in suppressing the hunger hormone Ghrelin. Hunger is by far the biggest obstacle in most weight reduction diet plans.

#4 Weight Loss Benefits

Not only do you experience the dramatic weight loss in the initial stages of a ketogenic diet. You will also see a constant steady loss of fat thereafter due to to the appetite suppressing and muscle sparing factors of a Keto Diet. For more information read our article Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss, Ketosis Done Properly.

#5 Neurological Benefits

The Ketogenic Diet has been used for over a century in the treatment of Epilepsy. It’s been reported that more than 50% of people see a reduction in seizures and around 15% become seizure free. It is also being studied as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons Disease, Bi-Polar and other neurological disorders.

#6 Mood Stabilizing

It’s no secret that if you feed a child sugary treats and beverages that you can expect a degree of hyper behavior and mood swings followed by a sudden crash. This is no different for adults. Though by the time a person has aged somewhat the physical aspect of this spike has turned purely mental. No such insulin spikes on a Keto Diet.

#7 Longer Lasting Energy

Fat has the benefit of giving our bodies a longer lasting and sustained energy than that of carbohydrates. This more extended energy is why many elite athletes who participate in sports for longer durations have turned to a higher fat lower carb way of eating to fuel their bodies.

For a more in-depth read on the Ketogenic Diet read our article Ketogenic Diet, what is Keto and why do it?



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2 thoughts on “7 Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits”

  1. I’ve been eating LCHF for almost a year. I’ve lost 40 lbs, feel hungry less often, reversed my insulin resistance, have lots more energy but my cholesterol keeps jumping up, not just creeping, but taking huge leaps! It’s in the mid 300’s now and my Dr wants me to go on statin drugs of which I’m very resistant, I don’t feel comfortable taking drugs. I read so often how this diet lowers cholesterol, not me! Any clue as to “why me?”

    • @Belinda – All of my health parameters and blood markers are in “athlete” level, except LDL which is way off the scale. However, I had a CT scan and tri-vascular scan and got perfect scores. I think there is no need to be concerned about LDL if all other parameters are excellent. Triglycerides over HDL is much more indicative of risk.


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As seen in: Womens Health, Buzzfeed, Bulletproof, Parade, Yahoo, Huffpost