Seriously TASTY Low Carb Glazed Pretzels – Easy Step by Step

These Low Carb Glazed Keto Pretzels are mouthwateringly delicious and very, very hard to resist. Despite the savory ingredients, there is not even a hint of cheese taste in the baked Glazed Pretzels. They are a whole new take on our original Low Carb Ketogenic Soft Pretzels. This recipe makes 12 low carb glazed pretzels Note: The xanthum gum is an essential ingredient to this recipe. I did attempt a batch without it (I admit, I forgot to add it) and the pretzels turned into flat discs with hard edges that were not enjoyable at all. Ingredients for Making...

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Low Carb Frosted Gingerbread Loaf

Moist, sweet and subtly spiced our Low Carb Frosted Gingerbread Loaf is the perfect addition to your festive celebrations. The un-frosted loaf can be frozen for up to 3 months. To defrost, remove the cake from the freezer and leave in the fridge overnight. It will be ready to ice in the morning. Have you tried our Very Merry Eggnog Cheesecakes? They’re one delicious Christmas dessert that you’ll be making all year round! We love Natvia sweetener and understand that it can be difficult to find in other countries, if you cannot get your hands on it we recommend granulated...

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Low Carb Creamy Cauliflower Soup – Vegetarian

As an entree, for lunch or dinner, our Low Carb Creamy Cauliflower Soup is perfect to curb those cravings. We’ve gone back to basics with this recipe and allowed the creamy, velvety smooth cauliflower to take centre stage without being overwhelmed by the additional ingredients found in many other Cauliflower Soups. Ingredients for your Low Carb Creamy Cauliflower Soup: One pound of Cauliflower One cup Heavy Cream Two teaspoons of Salt One teaspoon of Ground White Pepper 1/2 teaspoon of Ground Nutmeg Two ounces of Salted Butter Instructions for making your Low Carb Creamy Cauliflower Soup: Cut the cauliflower into evenly sized pieces and place into...

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Delicious Low Carb Custard Tart – Step by Step Recipe

Our Low Carb Custard Tart ticks all the boxes of a classic homemade recipe. The base is crisp, sweet and doesn’t overpower the delicate vanilla custard. Its custard is creamy and like silk on the tongue with only 2g net carbs per serve. The humble Custard Tart originated in Britain and has taken on different names (think Grandma’s Egg Custard Pie and flans pâtissier). Yet the design remains the same – a sweet pastry base filled with a delicate silky baked custard. The only difference with our Low Carb Custard Tart is a significant drop in carbohydrates, even our...

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How to Make Low Carb Eggnog Cheesecakes

Our delicious Low Carb Eggnog Cheesecakes are free from sugar, grains, gluten and alcohol. They’ll keep you festive and in ketosis! For many people, the flavors of Eggnog embodies all that is Christmas and we, Ketogenic Dieters, certainly don’t want to miss out. I’ve thrown together an easy recipe for cheesecakes that will fool your sugar-loving family and friends, it certainly fooled mine! Be mindful when adding the rum essence, after tasting I thought to add more and I’m glad I didn’t as the flavor becomes much stronger when the cheesecakes are baked. The recipe makes 12 individual cheesecakes....

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Low Carb Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Our Low Carb Spice Cake is perfect for that tea party or special occasion. Baked with a delicious aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves when baking. The scent lingers for hours. The Low Carb Spice Cake is moist, subtly sweet and spiced, great with and without frosting. It doesn’t take long to bake and keeps for up to 1 week in the fridge. You can even freeze the whole un-frosted spice cake for up to 3 months. The Low Carb Spice Cake makes 14 serves. Cut the cake in half and each half into seven even slices. If you...

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Low Carb Sausage and Egg Mushrooms

Ketogenic breakfast ideas are one of the most asked questions on Keto forums all over the internet. We’ve come up with our take on the classic breakfast muffin; Low Carb Sausage and Egg Mushrooms.  Portabella Mushrooms have been used as a bun replacement for such a long time and they are a perfect addition to your Ketogenic Diet. You can roast your mushrooms up to 1 week ahead and store in the fridge, when its breakfast time you can throw them in the pan to warm up with your eggs. Our Low Carb Sausage Patty Recipe can be easily...

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Delicious Low Carb Savoury Chicken Liver Pate

Impress your friends with this Low Carb Chicken Liver Pate, serve with celery sticks, cheese, pork rinds or your preferred low carb snack food. We love spreading savoury dips and pate on our Low Carb Flaxseed Crackers. Making pate can be a scary experience for some people, but it is really not that hard to make! Our low carb chicken liver pate can be cooked ahead and frozen too, it is a great idea to freeze portions in silicon ice cube molds and pop one out and allow to defrost for 15 minutes before enjoying. Ingredients for your Low Carb Chicken...

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