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Keto Strawberries and Cream Fat Bombs

Fat Bombs are a great keto snack, they provide a high serve of fat wrapped up in a delicious bite sized morsel. The addition of coconut oil will not only sate your hunger quickly, but help in suppressing your appetite – so you don’t eat the whole batch. These Keto Strawberries and Cream Fat Bombs are best eaten straight from the fridge. Double Cream has 48-60% fat and makes these fat bombs deliciously creamy. If you can’t find double cream, heavy whipping cream can be substituted, mixing it with low carb strawberry protein powder. You canĀ find the protein powder...

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Low Carb Red Velvet Fat Bombs

Delicious Sugar-Free Red Velvet Dessert isn’t as hard to create as you might think. We’ve come up with a recipe for simple Low Carb Red Velvet Fat Bombs that contain only 1g net carbs – they make an excellent keto snack for those on a Ketogenic Diet. They’re delicious and loaded with energy boosting fat. Make them in batches and refrigerate.Ā We recommend using a natural, organic, beetroot based, food coloring. Not only because it’s a non-chemical option but it also provides for a deeper richer color of red. The cream adds for an attractiveĀ contrast in color and flavor. Red...

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Low Carb Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs

Here is a ketogenic recipe Gerri was asked to put together, they’re a sugar-free variation on a sweet one of the team used to get at theirĀ favoriteĀ cafes. These little pink heart shaped bites are Low Carb Ketogenic Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs. Their texture is unique and the flavor floods your mouth as you bite into them with a creamy taste accompanied by a hint of raspberry. They’re simply delicious! Pop one in your mouth and they initially feel like a cross between jello and gummy lollies, then WOW,Ā bite down and all that flavour just bursts over your taste buds....

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Low Carb Chocolate Coconut Cheesecakes

We did a poll around the My Keto Kitchen team and asked what every one wanted to eat at our weekly meeting. They had a choice between Keto Cheesecake Fat Bombs and Chocolate Fudge Fat Bombs. The vote was a tie.Ā Chef Gerri compromised and came up with these Low Carb Chocolate Coconut Cheesecakes. They are truly delicious. We don’t post anything here unless it passes the taste test, for which consuming the entire batch is our benchmark. And that we did šŸ™‚ Ingredients for your Low Carb Chocolate Coconut Cheesecakes For the Keto Cheesecake Base 1/3 of a cup...

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